What are learning behaviours and why are they important?

At St Paul’s we have 8 Learning Buddies who represent different characteristics of learning behaviour. Our Learning Buddies are introduced to the children in Nursery and Reception and reinforced throughout their school journey.

We encourage our children to:

  • Be creative
  • Collaborate with each other
  • Persevere
  • Reflect on their learning
  • Challenge themselves
  • Be studious
  • Be curious
  • Take risks
  • Be resourceful

By introducing learning buddies in school, we are developing children’s ability to discuss their learning and helping them develop a language to talk about their own learning. The children in school today are going to be facing huge challenges in the wider world and we are working with them to develop skills that will help them be successful in the wider world.

We want to see children learning from mistakes and more importantly, to see that having to rethink an aspect of their learning, is a way to improve. Perseverance is about children picking themselves up after a set back and being able to give it another go.

At St Paul’s, we are looking for children who are seen to be thinking and considering; children who value their own ideas and who believe that they have the strategy to solve the problem.

One of the key learning behaviours is reflection. We want to see our children actively evaluating their work and developing the ability to believe that they can always improve whilst taking a pride in their own work and achievements, and those of others.

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Learning Buddies

New Learning Buddy for 2022 - Ricky Racoon

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